How to tell if it’s time to outsource

You don’t need to look far to see the signs We have all been there, alone after hours at our desks on a Friday night, disappointed to be missing the party and wondering how on earth we are going to make Monday’s deadline (and still enjoy the weekend)? “If only I’d started that board reportContinue reading “How to tell if it’s time to outsource”

Why you should be working when you want, how you want.

Once elusive and mysterious, the terms ‘virtual work’, ‘remote work’, and ‘flexible work’ have now come to settle comfortably in our daily vocabularies. Defining how the majority of us have been working over the last few months, you could say many have “seen the light” when it comes to understanding the benefits of these workingContinue reading “Why you should be working when you want, how you want.”

Social Media – What’s the big deal?

Creating brand exposure like never before. Nearly half the world’s population are using social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Many people access these platforms daily, even multiple times per day. This creates an awesome opportunity for brands to not only be exposed to their customers, followers, and target market but also interactContinue reading “Social Media – What’s the big deal?”

Task Management

In recent years a diverse range of online tools have been developed to help us manage our tasks, some of my favourite include Asana, Trello, and These platforms are great for individuals and teams working to manage projects in any industry. They are free to use with additional premium features which can be paidContinue reading “Task Management”