Discover what you can offload!

Our virtual assistants will help you achieve the work-life balance you’ve always dreamed of

Our highly-qualified team of virtual assistants have collaborated their ideas, arriving at a comprehensive checklist of all the possible office admin tasks they could complete to assist your business.

This tick box checklist has nine separate areas to help you prioritise which tasks need your immediate attention first. Identify those that take you away from focusing your energy on your business and delegate those tasks to one of our virtual assistants.

All tasks that can be achieved with our VA support are listed. If you need time to consider options – simply hit the ‘Save As’ button on your document, and return to our fillable PDF form, when you are ready to free up your time.

Check out all the tasks our virtual assistants can accomplish! We have VAs who can achieve almost all of your business tasks – with the exception of being YOU!