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Who is freelancer pa?

I am Alina the founder of Freelancer PA, and I have a team of great virtual and personal assistants alongside me.

We can support you with tasks that are piling up and getting in the way of you moving forward in business and life. 

My many years of professional experience as an Executive and Personal Assistant enable me to find the right team member to get those jobs done, so that you can invest your time doing what you are best at. Any admin task you are struggling with, we can tackle efficiently and professionally. 


From regular tasks to one-off jobs, we can help you as you require without a long-term commitment, or the time-consuming process of hiring someone to help. We only charge you for the hours we dedicate specifically to your task. 


Do you want your filing and emails done and to be more efficient? Done. 


Do you need help creating business templates, compliance or policy  documents? We can do that. 


Wanting to ramp up your social media and build your marketing strategies? We can regularly manage your online presence.


Need data managed? Try our expert with excel formulas. 


Don’t have time to write compelling content for blogs and articles? Just ask us! 


We are a team of diverse and multifaceted professionals ready to support you in any way we can. With our combined experience and flexible work arrangements, our great team is here to take the pressure off. 


So, if you believe you’re in need of some assistance, give us a call today.


Office Support

If office work is overwhelming you, or admin is piling up and holding you back, we can help get those administrative tasks off your to-do-list. We provide an outsourced, efficient, cost effective and timely service so you can focus on other important tasks.


Our team of expert virtual assistants provide simple, short-term, or regular solutions.

Let us support your small business when you need it most.

Social media Marketing

Regular social media connections are an essential part of your online marketing strategy. Does this take up too much of your valuable time or is it frustratingly outside your skill set?


We can take care of your specific social media needs, content design and creation. Our skilled team can also provide email automation services, direct marketing, client surveys or blogs that can help you grow your business.


Every small business owner deserves a PA at times. If you need more balance in your life to focus on business or personal priorities, you can use our in-house personal assistance services to complete those tasks that are taking up too much of your valuable time.


We can step in and take on the overload, whether you need short-term support, or have a project that needs extra assistance.

Free 45 minute offloading session

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