here are 11 of our most
frequently asked questions (faqs)

Who is Freelancer PA?

Freelancer PA is a boutique company of virtual assistants with a variety of skills in office administration and digital applications. We pride ourselves on offering and providing a highly personalised, efficient and confidential service to those that would prefer to have more time to focus on their business, leaving some of the repetitive or time-consuming jobs to someone else to complete.

What are the benefits of hiring a Freelance Virtual Assistant?

Freelancer PA Virtual Assistants have their own office as a base and are paid on the basis of the work done whether this be a one-off or casual work. This takes the hassle out of paying monthly salary, employee benefits, medical benefits, etc. that must be taken care of when you employ a regular part-timer. A freelance virtual assistant can either work independently or as a part an organisation and offers top quality services to their clients.

What type of people use Freelancer VA’s services?

Anyone wanting to regain control of their time, focus on and enjoy the more creative or profitable tasks that they are passionate about. Catering to clients with small businesses, entrepreneurs, contractors, consultants and those with busy, active lives.

What does it cost for VA services?

VA’s can be hired for an hour at a time, or in blocks of hours to suit you. Click here for our rates

What if the service I am requiring is not on the Services list in your website?

We are always happy to discuss services that are not specified on the website. 

How do I know that what I have asked for will be completed?

You have our personal guarantee that all work will be completed on time to the best of their ability.  Before any work is undertaken both parties will sign a Service Agreement to cover them both.

How are services paid for?

By bank transfer within seven working days of receipt of the invoice.

Are there any hidden costs?

There are no hidden costs.

Why should I use you rather than do it myself?

Freelancer PA virtual assistance can save you valuable time by taking items off your plate allowing you to remain focused.

  • Flexibility of hours whether it be two hours or 10 hours.
  • We have a wide range of skills, knowledge, experience and contacts to get the job done to a high standard.
  • We can reduce the stress in your life by handling the backlog.
  • We give you back precious time to do what you are best at in your business.
  • We can become indispensable as we are able to run projects the way we know you prefer, and deal with items before you ask. 

How do you keep my information secure and confidential?

We use Teamwork to keep all our passwords secure as well as Lastpass. Only those that are privy to the particular information have access to these. 
All our VA’s have signed a confidential agreement and are bound by this at all times.  

How does Freelancer PA stand out from the rest?

  • Commitment to excellence, quality and attention to detail.
  • All information is dealt with in a private and confidential manner.
  • A problem solving solution, using a team of skilled virtual assistants.
  • Demonstrates ability to foresee problems and be proactive. 
  • Promptly responds to requests with accuracy.
  • We strive to understand the key elements and importance of every project or task.
  • A continuous quality improvement approach to all work.
  • A willingness to work in partnership with others as directed by the client.
  • We pride ourselves on being able to anticipate your needs, use the multiple skills of our team, and tailor our services to your personal and unique preferences.

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