"Professional, responsive, accurate..."

"Outstanding work"

Alina is a total professional, responsive, accurate and business savvy. Using Freelancer PA frees up time to focus on building our business, thoroughly recommend this company.


I had Alina and the team at Freelancer PA write my application for a scholarship to a conference which I subsequently won. Outstanding work, thank you all.

Maurice Stilwell 



Rebekah Fraser

Element Roofing


"takes everything to another level"


Alina is oozing professionalism. This was the stand out thing. And she is very well dressed. Her work just takes everything to another level. Attention to detail, goes the extra mile, anticipates, quick to deliver and an asset for anyone to have in their business. She certainly takes the pressure off you. When you are in a small business you can’t do it all. You need to learn to outsource the bits you can’t do and focus on the bits you love so you shine there.



I asked Alina to assist our business as we were traveling overseas. Alina quickly immersed herself to understand the technicalities of running a printing company, it’s not as easy as some may think. Being able to offload years of information to someone motivated to understand and get involved in another business is quite extraordinary. Having a ‘Virtual PA’ in this day and age is the perfect answer to companies like ours. Thank you Alina.

Lynda Lovatt

PUFF Fitness


Gary Saunders

"more time to focus..invaluable"

"organising order out of chaos.."

Alina helped us to plan out our following year by attending our meeting, taking notes, and compiling these for us. This allowed us to focus on what we were doing and have something to look back at. Alina’s ability to take away work from us so we could focus on what we wanted is invaluable.

Alina from Freelancer PA is fantastic. She’s great at organising order out of chaos, setting up systems that work, all in a totally professional manner. Her ability to take people’s notes from workshops and create meaningful documents to refer back to is particularly fabulous. Thank you Alina and Team


Alan Borthwick

Dux Financial Services


Cathy Sheppard
BSI People Skills


"...makes us look good."

"...get things done."

We refer Alina to our clients when they need help with admin, preparing proposals or getting organised and she always makes us look good. Thanks Alina!

I love Alina and her ability to get things done. She’s always very bright, cheerful and caring and just does what she says she will. THANK YOU!

Phil Donaldson

Anyware Web Marketing


Anna Thomson

Roar Fierce Group

"delegation...sets business owner free"

"...honest 'no surprises' approach...

I have been working with the Freelancer PA team and found them fantastic. They have taken my administration work so I have more time to focus on delivering quality service to my clients. Delegation of administration sets the business owner free.


Alina’s on-call assistance is now central to my work. Alina works fast, figures things out for herself, delivers better quality work outcomes than you thought you wanted and operates under an honest ‘no surprises’ approach so you know just what to expect when. I recommend her wholeheartedly.

Lilias Bell

Leadership & Talent

"...going that extra mile..."

"organisational skills outstanding"

“We asked Alina (Freelancer PA) to make a flyer for our business. We only had a vague idea of what we wanted, and no idea of what it might look like. Alina very quickly drafted some ideas, and after a couple of meetings and changes, we had a flyer! Thank you Alina, for making this such an easy task, for going that extra mile to ensure that we had exactly what we wanted, and a flyer that looks fantastic ”. 


Mary Nanson

Jon Nanson Valuations and Property Management

Alina came to the rescue at short notice and brought new meaning to hit the ground running. She provided the team at Solora with some much needed support and her organizational skills were outstanding. No task was too small for Alina and she self-managed, taking full responsibility where there were no directions. I would not hesitate to employ her services again!


Janet Harp, General Manager

Solora Healthcare


"I get back precious time..."

"client confidentiality maintained"

All my interactions with Alina /Freelancerpa have always been highly professional and I have always been impressed Alina’s demeanour in our business connections.

To have somebody take over the tasks that you aren’t able to do, is just priceless. The major benefit I have received since using Freelancerpa is TIME! Lots of it which is just amazing. Now instead of having to work on tasks and jobs that eat up my time and energy, by handing these over, I get back  precious time that I can choose to spend on other things that are of higher value to me such as creating trainings.

I would recommend Freelancerpa because they are professional, committed and focussed to delivering the best outcome for  me/you as the client.

If you are seeking a trusted, knowledgeable, professional person to lighten your load, then look no further than Alina / Freelancerpa.


Frances Lamb

Havening Techniques

We had a very detailed piece of client work that needed to be displayed as simply as possible for a client so we asked Freelancer PA to help by creating flowcharts.

This was a very important piece of work, which needed to be done to a very high standard, completed quickly and to have full client confidentiality maintained throughout.

Alina went out of her way to deliver an incredibly good job for us, which supported our client project. The information was well-presented, and much easier to engage with after Freelancer PA had worked on the flowcharts. Thanks again!


Mary Crampton

Magnify Consulting

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