Email automation – Reclaim your time

Email automation – “Why would I need this? Why would this be of interest to my business?”

Do you feel as though you are repeating the same messages over and over like a broken record?   Even though the messages are new to your recipients, such as prospects, clients, or event attendees, they are all too familiar to you as you constantly repeat yourself to different people at different times.

This is where email automation can help: it streamlines processes so you can free up your time to focus on other important tasks.

Workshops are a great example of how email automation can be a huge time-saver. For some events there is a lot of information that needs to be shared with participants. This could be a series of emails leading up to the event or even post-workshop resources or surveys that may be sent to keep attendees engaged, and to measure and analyse the success of the event. Email automation allows you to do this a lot faster and more efficiently than if you had to reach out directly to each attendee.

Email automation templates can be set up and personalised to engage with each recipient. They look professional and you can add buttons to links, videos, photos, signatures and the like.


An awesome feature of email automation – this allows you to set the time for when certain emails are delivered to recipients. You can schedule the emails to go out in any time sequence you want, whether it’s months, weeks, days, hours and of course you can select the day and time of day if you want! This is a time-saver to ensure all the information is sent out with the right intended time frames and it does the remembering part for you!

Recently we implemented email automation for a client. She couldn’t believe the time-saving it achieved! Our client is now reaping the benefits and reclaiming her precious time to spend on other things of higher value to her such as writing and selling training programs – instead of sending each workshop participant 13 separate emails with attachments, she uses email automation.

Another client was receiving enquiries via a third party. Sadly, more often than not he was unable to contact the lead within a week of receiving the request. Instead of having that pressure of trying to reply in a timely fashion to each email response, an automatic personalised reply via Mailchimp was set up. This automation has ensured that the client receives a prompt automatic response with further information to keep their interest until the business owner can get in touch and fully focus on them – and the lead isn’t lost in the interim!

If you think email automation could help you out – get in touch and we can arrange a catch-up to discuss how we can implement this into your business.

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