5 steps to help keep your small business afloat

Undoubtedly, 2020 has been the ultimate test of survival for SMBs  (small to medium sized businesses) around the world. Without the resources and financial resilience of larger corporations, they are having to rescale and reinvent themselves to avoid getting left behind. Businesses in New Zealand come as no exception, and for all the uncertainty ahead,Continue reading “5 steps to help keep your small business afloat”

Task Management

In recent years a diverse range of online tools have been developed to help us manage our tasks, some of my favourite include Asana, Trello, and Monday.com. These platforms are great for individuals and teams working to manage projects in any industry. They are free to use with additional premium features which can be paidContinue reading “Task Management”

Filing in the Digital Age

Many of us will remember that not so long ago the sturdy filing cabinet was an essential and irreplaceable part of any office. Once holding all the secrets to our business, locked each night with the humble key, we relied on the folders and boxes of alphabetised paper files it held. Now, long forgotten, filingContinue reading “Filing in the Digital Age”