Our top 6 picks for getting the most out of your Microsoft 365 subscription

Microsoft 365

Discover the full potential of Microsoft 365 for all your organisational needs…

Microsoft 365 is the productivity cloud, linked to your Office subscription that assists you in running a more streamlined and effective business. It integrates with your Office features such as Excel and Word to bring together effective cloud service apps, which help you coordinate teams and manage documents across devices.

With the clever usage of these apps you can connect with teams, collaborate on content, design and social tools and share information to improve the team working experience.

Create together on OneNote

Online collaboration has become increasingly important for businesses, with the shift towards remote working.

OneNote makes life that little bit easier, with the ability to view and edit documents in real time across devices. It functions as a word processor with links, images, tables and text that can be added and saved to the documents, making it a versatile solution for all types of content creation.

Turn PowerPoints into pictures with Office Lens

The major benefit of this feature of Microsoft 365 is that you can take photographs of whiteboards, presentations and hard copy documents on any device.

By cropping, sharpening and straightening images you can make blurry captures legible by enhancing visuals to a high-quality format. Better still, you can convert these images to editable Word and PowerPoint files in a completely digitised format.

Use SharePoint Views to manage your documents

SharePoint is the digital answer to a document management system and is an administrator’s dream. The beauty of it is that it is a controlled and managed information sharing hub for internal documentation that is accessible to teams anywhere in the world.  

SharePoint Views allows you to optimise the way information is accessed to different team members (or departments). For example, you can sort items into lists and libraries with views such as calendar, data sheets and Gantt charts. This feature allows you to organise, group and assimilate data.

Different views may show different columns, sorting and filtering groups and styles, which makes it possible to segment information and make it available to relevant departments.  

Conduct your market research with Microsoft Forms

Microsoft 365 Forms are particularly great for the marketeers and team managers in the creation of questionnaires, surveys, polls and forms.

Participants are sent an invite and information can be collected in real time. Data collection and metrics are then recorded and analysed through the inbuilt analytics features. Within Forms, you can export responses into beautifully engaging data sets and create some amazing infographics.

Sign documents digitally with DocuSign

DocuSign offers a seamless and robust integration for Microsoft 365. With the convenience of eSignature to sign and receive signatures within the Microsoft suite you can quickly and securely transact business anytime, anywhere in the world on any device.

With DocuSign, you can finalise contracts within hours instead of weeks, which is both time and cost saving and eliminates unnecessary stress. Not only that, but you can also rest assured that everything stays secure, legal and visible with a complete audit trail.

Organise your people within 365 Groups

Choose who you want to collaborate with by setting up shared resources for select individuals.

By setting up groups you can avoid unnecessary admin and the organisation of managing permissions, as everyone you add will have the same permissions that you assigned to the group initially. Share Outlook inbox, calendars and document libraries act as distribution lists, so there will be no need for shared mailboxes.

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