Why To Automate Your Business And Where To Start?

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Business is ‘booming’! Your business is on the up and up!

But hold on – where did your weekend go? Did you just cancel dinner with family? Have you just told your daughter you can’t get to her football match? Did you just say to your partner ‘I can’t make it this evening?’ all because you’re busy working in your business?

Firstly, there is nothing honourable about ‘slogging your life away’ in your business – there are no accolades for sacrificing time over and above family – and most certainly not for working in your business. Take a retrospective look… You began your business as a means of freeing yourself, yet you have effectively become your very own slave. ‘How did it come to this?’ – you ask.

Be the master of your fate – not the slave of your problems.

– Marinela Reka

You can change this…

With a small amount of effort in the development phase, automating processes in your business is not a difficult task to understand and can be easily accomplished. Consequently, the time saved in the long run – is beneficial. For a start, automation in the next three major areas of your business, can make a marked difference to productivity and efficiency.

  • Business Operations Automation
  • Marketing Automation
  • Sales Automation

Here’s what we mean…

Business Operations Automation – Having manuals and procedures (Standard Operating Procedures – SOPs) in place can help eliminate time taken on explaining ideas and tasks, which are often undertaken in a repetitive and arduous manner. Payrolls, timesheets, and invoices no longer need to be completed manually – automate them. Business travel planning and scheduling can also be automated. Inventory control and management is another sector that can be automated, as can accounting and filing services. Meeting schedules and calendars can be synced via numerous applications that save you, your time.

Marketing Automation – There are times as a business owner, when you may feel that you need to have a hand on the pulse of your business – how it works… how it moves… how you respond to clients, advertising and marketing, social media, and emails. You can still achieve gauging the pulse of your business, but in a more controlled and managed way. Try automating Email campaigns to coincide with Social Media using scheduling tools, try out task management systems and automate SMS marketing messages. These small steps still allow you to gain effective control over your business, and free-up your valuable time.

Sales Automation – Again, another task that can be automated in small increments, and at your own pace, is sales automation. Progress mapping, email communications, CRM management can all be automated using external applications and systems. Or they can be outsourced to a reliable company. Automating customer service requests and response times can also be achieved by setting up auto replies in your email system. Lastly reviewing and prioritising clients, and their needs, and automating your sales processes can give you the freedom to see things clearer and keep your hand on the pulse of your business.

Failing this… Outsource! Automate your business through Freelancer PA returns your hours back into your life!

Here at Freelancer PA, we have a selection of highly skilled and experienced Virtual Assistants (VAs). Our VAs specialise in a multitude of areas and can alleviate the stress and pressure from your day – allowing you the time and energy to focus on income generating activities. By providing a stress-free solution and supporting you, as and when you require, you can gain precious time back to work on your business. We have gained a trusted and credible reputation, so you can rely on us for professional, confidential business support.

Nothing is so fatiguing as the eternal hanging on of an uncompleted task.

– William James

Our free 30-minute offloading session is an opportunity for you to offload what’s holding you back, areas of business support you’d like more information on, and we’ll give you no obligation advice on next steps to help you on your way in achieving your business goals.
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