Why you should be working when you want, how you want.

Once elusive and mysterious, the terms ‘virtual work’, ‘remote work’, and ‘flexible work’ have now come to settle comfortably in our daily vocabularies. Defining how the majority of us have been working over the last few months, you could say many have “seen the light” when it comes to understanding the benefits of these working styles.

FreelancerPA’s virtual assistants have been working virtually, remotely, and flexibly for many years now – let us share why these styles work so well.

As a team of women who come from all walks of life, FreelancerPA champions the idea that every life is different and therefore working 9 to 5, Monday to Friday, is simply an unrealistic expectation to place on every person when no two lives function the same. We respect that our virtual assistants have things to do, places to be, and people to see – it’s only human! Many of us have young children to care for, hobbies to practice, or other jobs to do. So how does virtual/remote/flexible work enable these things to happen?

Do more with what you have.

It’s simple – by not being bound to a specific workplace or work time slot, you can do more with the finite time you have. Travel time becomes hobby time, time wasted being unproductive because you’re too tired from working eight hours straight becomes family time.

Time creates opportunities, and for women who often have to juggle balancing family life with their career goals, this is especially important. Virtual/remote/flexible work, therefore, allows women to do both of these things successfully (without compromising one over the other) by virtue of giving them more time to make it all happen.

Do it from anywhere, any time.

Maybe your partner gets a job in a new city, maybe you buy your dream home in a new country, or maybe you work best at 3 AM: virtual/remote/flexible work allows you to take each new opportunity as it comes and take advantage of your body’s natural way of operating. This does not come at the cost of doing bad work. Rather, it allows you to find your best working self and give your all to your company and clients precisely because your schedule is designed to have you working when you have the capacity and right frame of mind to do so.

The sweet spot: work-life balance

Just like with our clients, we want to ensure our VA’s have time to do things they enjoy, are great at, and which are essential for personal development. We’re talking about providing our VA’s with the opportunity to find that perfect balance between work and life. By allowing them to work in a way that suits them best, we give them this opportunity, and in turn, provide better outcomes for our clients.

If you’d like to know more about how to convert your business into one that operates virtually, remotely, or flexibly, please do reach out as we are more than happy to share our wealth of personal experience in this area.

Talking about time – here are two easy ways to save some:

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