Building business resilience with the help of virtual assistants

Building business resilience with the help of virtual assistants

5 ways virtual assistants can help you build for the future

In the face of change, it’s only natural to hold on tight to the things that have always been steady constants. But even then, it’s not to say that they will be forever.

When it comes to business, change can be unsettling, uncertain, and challenging. But it can also be a time of opportunity to reevaluate and reconsider, depending on the angle you naturally take. This is what defines business resilience.  

For those who embrace change, turning unforeseen situations into positives often come out the other side of adversity in control and ahead of the game.

Virtual assistants (VAs) are the ideal resource to assist you through the tough times – to help you prepare and get organised, so you can tackle the new normal and grow your business with resilience.

Here are a few things virtual assistants can help you with to get ahead…

1. A fresh outlook and implementing innovative approaches

Plans change. Situations change. And businesses need to adjust if they are to prosper.

In the past 18 months we have seen disruption to business on varying levels and we know now that anything can happen overnight, that will have a knock-on impact in our personal and professional lives.

Virtual assistants are on the ball when it comes to remote working. With an online setup and the virtual skills required to be able to deliver business objectives, they can help you adapt yours for remote access working.

Assuming that things ‘will bounce back to normal’ after significant disruption is a complacent and risky strategy. It is better to plan for a flexible future that can adapt to further developments and strengthen business resilience.

Virtual assistants can support you with building robust systems that will serve your teams, taking away a big headache for you. Providing support to you in the short/medium/long term whilst you adjust, is the beauty of having a service available to you on an hourly rate.

2. Supporting your staff

Where your staff’s roles have changed – they are now working from home, there’s a company merger or organisational restructure, your teams may be expected to perform differently. Virtual assistants can step in as a go between, helping them transition to new systems or processes.

For businesses that have been late to adopt online working arrangements, the transition for individuals can be problematic and isolating. Where you are unable to provide technical support, virtual assistants can.

This could include demonstrations of tools, software or systems. Working with you to get the job done is the core objective of virtual assistants and the services they provide.

3. The digital customer experience  

In 2020 we saw people shopping online, who hadn’t done before. Showing how over the past 18 months shoppers’ behaviours have changed.

Responding to this online shift and having a robust online presence is necessary evolution to maintain a presence amongst your competitors. As many of those online shoppers will continue to shop online, this is a fitting example of how adapting for future trends today will benefit you in the long run.

Virtual assistants (being the whizzes of all things virtual) can help to get your business presence online and in front of your virtual customers.

More than 170,000 adult New Zealanders shopped online for the first time during the first six months of 2020.


Whether it’s updating your website, creating and managing an online social media presence or getting you running with an online shop, virtual assistants can take the pressure off by taking on these tasks for you.

4. Organising a relaunch

You might think the idea of a relaunch is far-fetched, but it’s a fantastic opportunity if you have made lots of positive changes – here’s why…

  1. Firstly, you’re letting people know you’re still here, resilient to change, and ready to do business!
  2. By marketing to your new and trusted clients, you can spark a fresh curiosity and entice them in with new incentives or offerings.
  3. You can showcase the improvements you’ve made, how they benefit them, giving them reason to stay loyal to your product or service offerings.

Businesses that are proactively innovating and are early to adopt the latest trends and insights are the ones that are the most agile and adaptable when big changes happen.

Innovate, advance, and even thrive

With a team of virtual assistants, you get the benefit of a large skill base of individuals that have collaborated with clients to solve problems and find solutions to challenges that might be new to you.

When you find a VA who understands your goals, you get fresh insights and innovative solutions to help you adapt to an evolving customer base and build business resilience.

5. Planning for a fluid future

The best way to be resilient is to build a strategy with flexibility built in.

The virtual assistant services business model is designed around flexibility and convenience to fit to your needs and help you thrive.

If you’re at the point of expanding your business operations and need extra support to do so (but not quite ready to hire a new staff member) virtual assistants can step in and fill the gap until you can.

If your business is not properly set up to function online but you’d like assistance doing a thorough job of it, virtual assistants can help guide you with the process.

Virtual assistants (by name) are set-up and well equipped to help you plan for a resilient digital future.

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