Easy outsourcing for your business

What activities in your business, should you outsource?

With the shift in global business dynamics and since the COVID19 lockdowns of 2020 and 2021, most businesses have had to redefine strategies or undergo changes adapting to the new ‘remote’ climate. Consequently, some businesses have suffered revenue losses and many employment roles have either been modified, diminished, or unfortunately evaporated. With this uncertainty, an underlying issue is that many business owners, find that they themselves are doing a lot more to compensate for the losses.

‘Work ON it, not just IN it! – Don’t just be a technician in your business.’

– Michael Gerber

Business owners have had to re-think strategies for working ON their businesses rather than IN their business. YOU may well be one of those business owners. YOU may well be thinking ‘I’ve got so many tasks to complete … and time is ticking away! How will I achieve all the important activities on my list?’ Or ‘I no longer have the support of full-time staff that I used to, and I’ve got to get things finished.’ As you add up the sum of all things that should be completed – your view of the ‘free time’ available with family and friends is rapidly shrinking away, and the light at the end of the tunnel diminishes …

“Lost time is never found again.”

– Benjamin Franklin

So, how do you judge and gauge what should be completed by YOU in the long and short terms? How do you differentiate what time YOU need to spend IN your business, as opposed to what YOU do ON your business?

Have a virtual assistance at your service

Outsourcing your business activities – the ones you know you must do – is the wisest and smartest action you can possibly take! Whether it’s for a short-term experience, or a long-term contract, your work is outsourced to Virtual Assistants (VAs) who are specialists in their individual areas of expertise, and work only when required. With your new-found freedom of time, your attention can now be focused on the more important tasks in your business – working on what you do best – stress free. Your VA can ‘sweat the small stuff’ for you.

“What looks like multitasking is really switching back and forth between multiple tasks, which reduces productivity and increases mistakes by up to 50%.”

– Susan Cain

Here is a list of ten ‘activities’ you should outsource in your business …

  1. IT Management – Ask yourself if you really are a pro at IT? If IT is not your business, then let’s not pretend. Web management, Optimisation, and having your website functioning as it should be, can be maintained and perfected by VAs. Why spend your valuable time ‘trying’ when you know you’re not the expert?
  2. Admin and Bookkeeping – Let’s face facts … Inbox management, scheduling or even daily social media posting is not everybody’s forte, but there are experts on hand to help.
  3. Accounting, Payroll & Tax preparation – Another set of tasks that requires attention to detail with numbers and if not done correctly, could cost you. Outsource this task and have peace of mind.
  4. Human Resources – Imagine the time spent on posting employment opportunities in your business, rallying around your business network, asking friends and posting on Social Media. Then having to conduct interviews, background checks and salary negotiations. If this is not the primary focus of your business – outsource this task.
  5. Marketing & Social Media presence – Marketing your business online and via social media is all too important to ignore. Then again if it’s not your primary business – reach out for assistance from a professional VA.
  6. Data Gathering – Online forms and client surveys are imperative to the success of your business. But honestly… how much time do you have to spend doing this task? Yes, you need the feedback, to move your business forward, but it’s a time-consuming exercise. Outsource this task and rest easy knowing it will be accomplished with expertise.
  7. Research and Development – Researching your competitors and further development of your own business is what helps you get ahead. However, if you’re wasting your time, trying to figure out HOW to research; you end up losing valuable time.
  8. Sales / Sales Calls – Making sales calls is a skill in itself! There are experts who excel at this. They have customer service skills and sales techniques to call and elicit the information you need. Ultimately, resulting in sales for your business.
  9. Event Management – Why take yourself away from your primary business focus? Outsource this to an expert who has organisational skills, people skills, listening and communication skills and the ability to create an amazing event for your business.
  10. Content Writing, Blog Writing & Newsletter Writing – Sure … your writing is great! Writing is easy. You convince yourself – ‘I can do that writing task myself’. However, expert copy and content writers know their craft and can implement text efficiently and effectively, which means you have time to do more important things pertaining to your business.

“Position yourself to succeed by doing the other things in your life that rejuvenate you. Exhaustion affects your quality and productivity.”

– Jeff VanderMeer

With no task too big or small and no long-term financial commitment, outsourcing is a great solution to adapting to changing business needs for today and tomorrow.

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