Why is a business continuity plan important?

‘Plan B’ for protecting your business when things go wrong…   For many new enterprises or small to medium sized businesses, the idea of a business continuity plan can be overwhelming. Especially, if you’re still in the early throws of what smooth sailing business actually looks like. You have to know your business before youContinue reading “Why is a business continuity plan important?”

5 easy tips guaranteed to help grow your business

If you’re setting up a business for the first time, one of the first things you will do is draw up some form of business plan. As helpful as they are in getting your priorities in order, you’ll find almost no mention of ‘relationships’ in any template you find online. It seems to be theContinue reading “5 easy tips guaranteed to help grow your business”

Could you be a thought leader?

How to lead and inspire as the face of a small business We hear the term ‘thought leader’ brandished about like the latest buzzword trend, and with it, confusion about what it actually means, and what exactly is constituted as thought leadership. Depending on your sources, not just anyone qualifies, and there are a basicContinue reading “Could you be a thought leader?”


Who is Freelancer PA? Freelancer PA is a boutique company who prides itself on offering and providing a highly personalised, efficient and confidential service to those that would prefer to leave the mundane personal jobs to someone else to complete. What are the benefits of hiring a Freelance Personal Assistant? Freelancer PA has their ownContinue reading “FAQ’s”